Top Memecoins to Buy Before Ethereum ETF Approval

By Gaurav Kudekar

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Top Memecoins: Investors are eagerly watching the price of Ethereum. They’re excited about the possibility of an Ethereum ETF being approved, which could cause the price of Ethereum to surge significantly.

However, if traders want to make more money from their Ethereum investment, they might consider looking at meme coins connected to Ethereum. These meme coins can quickly change in price and might give good chances for profit, especially after the Ethereum ETF gets approved.

Let’s explore meme coins built on Ethereum, pointing out what makes each one special for investing.

Shiba Inu 

The Shiba Inu, nicknamed the “Doge killer,” started as a fun internet joke but has now become a significant part of a new way of doing finance called DeFi. It’s like a big experiment where people work together without a central authority, using the Ethereum blockchain.

The rise of Shiba Inu from an internet joke to a leader in decentralized finance (DeFi) shows its promise as an investment, especially with hopes for approval of an Ethereum Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF). Shiba Inu’s unique features, like its ShibaSwap platform and the way its supply decreases over time, make it set for big growth in the thriving Ethereum world.

Right now, the price of SHIB is $0.000009543. Many people think it could make a lot of money because it’s popular on Ethereum as a meme coin. If you’re thinking about how ETFs affect Ethereum, you should look at SHIB too. It’s a flexible investment that gains from Ethereum becoming more popular and valuable. SHIB isn’t just about making money from trading; it’s also looking to do more things, like working with NFTs. This means it could grow and make more profit in the future.


PEPE coin uses the famous Pepe the Frog meme to create a way for people to express themselves financially and artistically on Ethereum.

It’s leading the way in the “memeconomy,” aiming to make a marketplace where meme makers and fans can trade without a central authority. Using Ethereum’s smart contracts, PEPE coin makes it easy to own and trade digital assets, making meme culture more rewarding for those who get involved.

Right now, the price of PEPE is $0.00000120042, and it might go up in 2024. Also, if Ethereum gets approved for ETFs, more people might use it, which could make PEPE worth more.

Dogelon Mars

Dogelon Mars creates a story that goes beyond just being a meme coin, and it invites its community to join a journey through space. It’s named after big dreams of colonizing space, blending fun memes with a focus on exploring outer space.

Dogelon Mars tells a captivating story that goes beyond just being a regular meme coin.

This makes it appealing to investors who want to take advantage of the approval of the Ethereum ETF. Right now, ELON is trading at $0.0000001599 and has a lot of potential to bounce back and reach previous highs if the Ethereum ETF gets approved.

ELON is a token that combines storytelling, community involvement, and giving back, all supported by its Ethereum-based system. This makes ELON have a cultural influence and potential for investment.

Hoge Finance

Hoge Finance is a combination of internet humor and innovative digital finance, presenting itself as the initial meme project controlled by its community, with a special feature that automatically earns interest for holders.

HOGE is a new idea on Ethereum that gives rewards to people who own it. Every time it’s traded, the total amount of HOGE goes down. They want to make finance fun and inclusive by using memes. They use jokes, getting people involved, and money methods to encourage keeping HOGE for a long time and making it grow steadily.

Hoge Finance is different because it’s a meme coin that decreases in supply over time and automatically earns you more coins. This makes it special because if Ethereum’s ETF gets approved, Hoge Finance could benefit from it. Also, because it’s built on Ethereum, it’s expected to grow along with Ethereum and could be a good investment choice for making money over time.

Milady Meme Coin

MiLady Meme Coin shines as a symbol of digital feminism and inclusivity in the world of cryptocurrency. It mixes the fun of meme culture with a thoughtful look at gender issues in blockchain technology.

Using the Ethereum blockchain, MiLady isn’t just a type of digital money but a movement. It wants to shake things up, giving women a place to feel strong and supporting female artists and creators who make digital collectibles.

MiLady Meme Coin leads the way for tokens with a clear purpose by building a supportive community and making sure women are fairly represented, both in Ethereum and beyond.

Disclaimer: The information on this website isn’t meant to be taken as advice for investing money. Investing involves uncertainty, and there’s a chance you could lose your money when you invest.

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