The Top 5 Popular Technologies In The Cryptocurrency Market For 2024.

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The Top 5 Popular Technologies—Bitcoin reaching $50,000 and Ethereum going back up to $3,000 after 2 years—have made people feel confident about cryptocurrencies. So, it’s a good idea to consider what might happen in the crypto market in the future.

Which stories about cryptocurrency will be popular and useful in 2024 and beyond? We’ll pick our top 5 and get started.

Key Takeaways

We’re watching out for the top 5 trends in cryptocurrency as the 2024 bull market gets hotter.

  1. Modular blockchain systems: These are blockchains designed to handle specific tasks, and they’re expected to grow in size. People are starting to use them more to store their data.
  2. Restaking: This means putting your staking tokens away for a while to earn extra rewards. It’s easier than yield farming.
  3. Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN): These are protocols that build, maintain, and run physical infrastructure in a decentralized manner.
  4. Tokenization of Real-World Assets (RWA): This is when things like real estate and gold are turned into tokens. It lets people own a piece of these assets, creates stablecoins backed by them, and makes them easier to buy and sell.
  5. Artificial Intelligence (AI): The AI market keeps getting stronger. People are excited about it and finding more ways to use it.

Top 5 Crypto Market Trends To Watch in 2024

Data Availability Layers

In the future, blockchain is likely to become modular. This means that instead of one blockchain doing everything like settling, executing, and reaching agreement, each blockchain will only do one specific job. Being modular will help blockchain networks grow and focus on doing one thing well.

Data availability networks offer a way for blockchains to store and confirm their transaction data without overloading the main blockchain. If data is stored directly on the blockchain, it can cause congestion and force nodes to constantly upgrade their hardware to handle the growing size of the blockchain.

Data availability layers help blockchains store their data and ensure that past transaction information is accessible when needed. This allows anyone to check transactions. So, these layers not only help blockchains handle large amounts of data but also make sure they stay safe.

In 2023, people talked a lot about having enough data because it’s important for Ethereum’s plan to scale up using rollups. As more rollups become available, there will be more need for solutions that make sure data is accessible.

In October 2023, Celestia became the first modular data availability blockchain to start its main network. Other similar blockchains are NEAR’s data availability layer (NEAR), Avail, and EigenDA.


Crypto investors really like making money from their investments. One way they do this is by restaking. Restaking means locking up some of the tokens you’ve earned from staking to get even more rewards. For instance, if you stake your ether (ETH) on platforms like Lido or Rocket Pool, you’ll receive tokens like stETH or rETH in return. With restaking, you can earn even more rewards by staking those tokens again.

From a money perspective, restaking is similar to yield farming. In yield farming, crypto investors stake, lend, and restake cryptocurrencies, LSTs, and other receipt tokens across different DeFi platforms to earn multiple yields. Restaking makes this process easier for everyone to participate in.

Developers can create special chains for specific decentralized apps (dApps) using the EigenLayer protocol. If you own LST tokens, you can earn rewards by becoming validators for the dApps you support. If you don’t want to manage a validator node, you can just let someone else do it for you by giving them your LST tokens to stake again.

This new method of staking again is an interesting way to make cryptocurrencies more secure. The LST protocols, which became very popular after Ethereum switched from proof-of-work (PoW) to proof-of-stake (PoS), now have another useful feature with staking again.


In 2023, lots of people in the crypto community got interested in something called Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks (DePIN). It’s expected that more people will get interested in 2024, especially investors, because DePIN works well with artificial intelligence (AI) technology.

The Top 5 Popular Technologies In The Cryptocurrency Market For 2024.

But what exactly are DePINs? Well, they’re basically blockchain systems that handle physical stuff like Wi-Fi routers, computer chips, and data storage centers. And they do it all in a way that’s open and not controlled by any single entity.

Filecoin is a type of digital system where people can save and get back data. Those who provide storage get paid in tokens called FIL.

Other similar systems include Render, Theta Network, and Akash, which reward people for sharing their computer power. Helium is another system that rewards people for sharing their wireless network.

These systems allow different industries to use their infrastructure without needing permission, like media, gaming, AI, information services, or life sciences.

Real World Asset Tokenization

Tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) means turning things like buildings, art, money, and valuable metals into digital tokens on a blockchain.

More and more regular finance companies are interested in using tokenization because it makes trading safer and decentralized, shows who owns what clearly, and lets you split ownership into smaller parts.

Tokenization makes it possible to split ownership of things like buildings and art into digital tokens, which makes it easier for small investors to get involved.

This means you can buy and sell parts of a property or artwork quickly and easily using blockchain technology. Plus, with blockchain, you can check the history of transactions for real estate, art, and classic cars.

Tokenizing intangible assets like copyrights, trademarks, and patents means putting them onto the blockchain. This secures the owner’s rights and makes them tamper-proof, traceable, and instantly verifiable.

Recently, credit markets have started using tokens. People who invest in cryptocurrency can now buy US treasuries, bonds, and similar tokens online.

They can also invest in tokens that represent loans to businesses and earn profits. According to, by December 2023, the tokenized private credit market had loans worth over $571 million and tokenized US treasuries worth over $771 million.

Special items like carbon credits are being converted into tokens. These tokens are given out, sold, moved, and taken out of circulation using blockchain technology. Tokenizing carbon credits makes a market where these special products can be easily bought, helping companies offset their carbon emissions and allowing projects that fight climate change to gather funds more efficiently.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

In 2024, the story of AI in crypto will become more powerful, whether in the stock market or the crypto market. AI’s ability to cause significant changes has made it very important.

Crypto investors are seeking to make money by finding two kinds of crypto projects:

  1. The first type is AI-focused DePINs.
  2. These are projects in crypto that build the foundation for AI programs to work.
  3. They mainly focus on storing data and providing computing power. For instance, Akash and
  4. Render are two crypto projects where people can buy and sell GPU power needed for AI tasks. and Bittensor are both examples of AI-related crypto projects that are becoming popular. lets developers make and sell AI software that works on its own, which helps automate different business tasks.

Similarly, Bittensor is a crypto project aiming to build a decentralized AI industry. Bittensor wants to develop new AI tools and set up decentralized markets for computing power, storing data, processing data, and providing information, all in one system.

Crypto Projects That Embrace Tech

We picked the best cryptocurrency projects from different categories like DePIN, data availability, restaking, RWA tokenization, and AI. We chose these top cryptos based on how much they were worth in the market on February 23, 2024.

Crypto projectCategoryTokenMarket cap1 Year % Gain (02/23/2024)
RenderDePINRNDR$2.3 billion+344%
NEAR ProtocolData availabilityNEAR$2.7 billion23%
CelestiaData availabilityTIA$2.3 billion44% (YTD)
SyscoinData availabilitySYS$87 million-34%
Lido DAORestaking/LSTLDO$2.1 billion-2%
Frax ShareRestaking/LSTFXS$500 million-25%
PolymeshRWAPOLYX$152 million-12%
MapleRWAMPL$71 million+114%
Fetch.aiAIFET$924 million139%

The Bottom Line

Here are our top choices for the big stories in crypto for 2024. However, it’s crucial to remember that crypto markets can be uncertain, and predictions may not always be accurate.

Before investing, it’s essential to do your own research. This article isn’t investment advice and is just for sharing information.

Also, keep in mind that there are other exciting crypto trends for 2024, such as Layer-2s, blockchain gaming, and decentralized social networks.

Disclaimer: The information on this website isn’t meant to be taken as advice for investing money. Investing involves uncertainty, and there’s a chance you could lose your money when you invest.

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