Coin Details

  • ICO Time Period 45 DAYS
  • Name of Coin RUBY COINS
  • Symbol of Coin RBC
  • Total Supply 300 million COINS
  • Circulating Supply 20 million COINS

ICO Ended

Thankyou for participating

Token Details

Token Distribution

Network Profit Details

  • 5% Direct Referral Bonus
  • 25% Level Income

  • 2% Developer Club Bonus

  • 3% Price & Promotions

Coins Distribution

  • 40 million Market Supply

  • 40 million Circulating Supply
  • 300 million Total Supply Of Tokens
Level Plan Distribution

Holding Bonus


Company Roadmap

Dec 2020

ICO Launching Publicly. RubyCurrency Initial Coin Offer with Smart Contract

Feb 2021

Listing on Exchange

Apr 2021

Listing with Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko

Jun 2021

Opening of Physical Bank in India of RubyCurrency & other Crypto Currency.

Dec 2021

Mining Of Coin. Distribution with users if RBC.

2022 to 2040

Every December Mining of RBC & Distribution in all users of RBC.



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Download Ruby Currency Whitepaper