Top Altcoins To Watch Next Week: Kaspa (KAS), Bonk, And Solana (SOL) Prices Might Break Out

By Sunil Gavhane

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Top Altcoins To Watch Next Week

Top Altcoins To Watch Next Week: The Bitcoin market is growing fast, and experts think its value might reach $50,000 by next week. This increase is also helping other types of digital money, called altcoins, to go higher than before, even though they are becoming less popular compared to Bitcoin. If people keep buying more Bitcoin next week, altcoins like Kaspa, Bonk, and Solana are expected to see big increases in their values.

Altcoin Dominance Faces A Sharp Decline

Lately, more people have started buying Bitcoin, making its price go up close to $50,000. This increase has made Bitcoin more dominant in the market, now over 53.5%, while the share for other types of digital money has dropped to less than 12.1%. Because of this, experts are paying more attention to Bitcoin and think it will be the most important topic next week.

At the same time, people seem less interested in alternative cryptocurrencies, as shown by a chart called the altcoin season index. This chart shows a big drop from 67 to 46, making us wait longer for a time when these cryptocurrencies might do well. However, because Bitcoin is doing so well, some of these cryptocurrencies are getting ready for a chance to increase in value soon.

Kaspa (KAS) Price Analysis

The price of Kaspa has increased by 44% in the past week, almost reaching its highest ever price. It recovered from a low point of $0.103, based on a 20-day average, and went above $0.125, overcoming a downward trend.

The current trend is positive, and as investors keep pushing past key levels, the price going above $0.125 prepares for a possible move towards the $0.15 resistance mark. If it crosses this mark, the KAS/USDT pair might quickly move up to reach a new all-time high next week.

On the other hand, if the price goes down from its current level or to $0.15, it could mean people are selling to make a profit. If the price drops below the average, it might show that the price could stay around $0.12 for a while.

Bonk Price Analysis

The price of BONK has risen after a period of decline and is expected to increase again next week. However, there is growing resistance to this rise.

The price of BONK is now much higher than its average levels, and its RSI (a measure of how quickly prices are changing) indicates it’s in a zone where it’s considered too high. This usually means the price might drop soon. However, if it starts to increase again from a specific average level (the 200-day EMA), we could see the price jump up quickly, possibly reaching $0.000017.

If the price goes down from here, it means the BONK/USDT pair could keep moving sideways in a positive area.

Solana (SOL) Price Analysis

The price of Solana went up from its average, as buyers tried to increase its price above the high resistance level of $116. However, sellers are keeping the price from going over $110. Right now, the price of Solana is $109.1, which is a little more than 0.4% lower than it was yesterday.

If the price of Solana hits $110, it could start going up quickly. First, it might rise to $116, and then it could try to go up to $126.

But, if the price drops quickly below the EMA20 trend line, it could fall to between $94 and $100. At this lower price, people are likely to start buying again.

Disclaimer: The information on this website isn’t meant to be taken as advice for investing money. Investing involves uncertainty, and there’s a chance you could lose your money when you invest.

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