Price Prediction of Bitcoin (BTC) from 2024, 2025 to 2040.

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Price Prediction of Bitcoin (BTC)

Price Prediction of Bitcoin (BTC): Is there anything new to say about Bitcoin? Even people who aren’t interested have heard of it. It’s the top cryptocurrency, with super high prices (up to $60K), lots of attention, and a ton of scrutiny.

Bitcoin, like other cryptocurrencies, is famous for bouncing back from challenges and surprising doubters. Many financial experts have been saying for about eight years that the Bitcoin bubble will burst soon, but it hasn’t happened. Bitcoin is still doing well, and people who invest in it are making a lot of money, hoping for even more price increases in the future.

But the world of cryptocurrency is changing quickly, and some people who like crypto are wondering if it’s still smart to invest in Bitcoin.

Remember, this article is just our guess about Bitcoin’s future price. We’re not experts in finance, so don’t take this as investment advice.

What is Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin was the first digital currency made in 2009. It’s not controlled by any single person or government and uses a special technology called blockchain for transactions between people without needing to trust each other. Bitcoin is kept safe by miners who confirm transactions using a method called proof-of-work.

Lately, lots of people are investing in Bitcoin because it can make them a lot of money quickly. It’s also simple to invest in Bitcoin—all you need is the internet.

Bitcoin Price$47,328
Bitcoin Price Change 24h5.72%
Bitcoin Price Change: 79.72%
Bitcoin Market cap$927,807,841,459.52
Bitcoin Circulating Supply19,492,887 BTC
Bitcoin Trading Volume$33,668,236,819.21
Bitcoin’s all-time high$68,467.63
Bitcoin’s all-time low$0.05
Bitcoin Price Prediction 7d$46,178 (-2.54)
Bitcoin Fear-Greed Index72 (Greed)
Bitcoin SentimentBullish
Bitcoin Volatility3.70%
Bitcoin Green Days16/30 (53%)
Bitcoin 50-Day SMA$42,342
Bitcoin 200-Day SMA$34,654
Bitcoin 14-Day RSI67.50
  • Our live update tells you that one bitcoin is worth $47,408 in US dollars right now.
  • We predict that the value of Bitcoin will slightly drop by -0.63% and become $47,083 by February 11, 2024.
  • Our study of the technical signs shows that most people in the market are feeling bullish, about 19% feel bearish, and the Fear & Greed Index score is 72, which means people are greedy.
  • In the past month, Bitcoin has had 16 out of 30 days where its price went up, which is about 53% of the time, and its price has been changing by 3.70% on average.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction For Today, Tomorrow and Next 30 Days

February 10, 2024$47,9861.27%
February 11, 2024$47,6210.32%
February 12, 2024$47,083-0.63%
February 13, 2024$46,630-1.59%
February 14, 2024$46,178-2.54%
February 15, 2024$45,725-3.5%
February 16, 2024$45,273-4.45%
February 17, 2024$44,736-5.41%
February 18, 2024$44,368-6.36%
February 19, 2024$43,915-7.32%
February 20, 2024$43,463-8.27%
February 21, 2024$43,010-9.23%
February 22, 2024$42,558-10.18%
February 23, 2024$42,268-11.13%
February 24, 2024$41,654-12.09%
February 25, 2024$41,202-13.04%
February 26, 2024$40,749-14%
February 27, 2024$40,297-14.95%
February 28, 2024$39,665-16.29%
February 29, 2024$39,033-17.62%
March 1, 2024$38,401-18.96%
March 2, 2024$37,759-20.29%
March 3, 2024$37,139-21.62%
March 4, 2024$36,507-22.95%
March 5, 2024$35,875-24.29%
March 6, 2024$35,243-25.62%
March 7, 2024$32,611-26.95%
March 8, 2024$33,980-28.29%
March 9, 2024$33,348-29.62%
March 10, 2024$32,716-35.95%

Bitcoin Prediction Table

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

Bitcoin Historical

The latest data shows that Bitcoin’s price is $47,156.23, ranked as the top cryptocurrency. There are about 19.6 million Bitcoins in circulation, totaling about $925.3 billion.

In the last day, Bitcoin’s value has gone up by $1,928.69.

Over the past week, Bitcoin’s value has increased by 9.35%, showing promising growth. This might be a good time to consider investing in Bitcoin.

In the past month, the price of BTC went up by 4.09%, adding around $1,928.69 on average to what it’s worth now. This big increase suggests that BTC could be a good investment if it keeps going up.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2024

In 2024, experts predict that the lowest Bitcoin price will be around $32,372.77, while the highest could hit $40,179.39. On average, Bitcoin is expected to trade at approximately $47,986.

BTC Price Forecast for February 2024

Crypto experts predict that in February 2024, the average price of Bitcoin will be around $43,509.50, with the lowest expected price at $39,033 and the highest at $47,986, based on how the price of Bitcoin changed at the start of 2023.

March 2024: Bitcoin Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency experts are about to share their predictions for how much Bitcoin will cost in March 2024. They think the lowest price could be around $32,716, and the highest could be about $44,162.81. On average, they expect Bitcoin to be around $38,439.41.

BTC Price Forecast for April 2024

Cryptocurrency experts looked at how Bitcoin’s price changed in 2023 and earlier years. They think the average Bitcoin price in April 2024 could be about $42,481.26, with a minimum of $39,429.12 and a maximum of $45,533.39.

May 2024: Bitcoin Price Forecast

In the middle of the year 2023, the BTC price will be traded at $$42,063.76 on average. May 2024 might also witness an increase in the Bitcoin value to $$45,537.83. It is assumed that the price will not drop lower than $$38,589.68 in May 2024.

BTC Price Forecast for June 2024

Crypto experts have analyzed Bitcoin prices in 2023, so they are ready to provide their estimated trading average for June 2024—$$37,660.98. The lowest and peak BTC rates might be $$32,751.84 and $$42,570.11.

July 2024: Bitcoin Price Forecast

Crypto experts predict that by the end of summer 2023, the price of Bitcoin will be about $33,474.56. In July 2024, Bitcoin might drop to a low of $32,875. The highest expected value could be $34,074.12 in July 2024.

BTC Price Forecast for August 2024

Having analyzed Bitcoin prices, cryptocurrency experts expect that the BTC rate might reach a maximum of $$34,699.76 in August 2024. It might, however, drop to $$32,912.18. For August 2024, the forecasted average of Bitcoin is nearly $$33,805.97.

Price Prediction of Bitcoin (BTC)

September 2024: Bitcoin Price Forecast

During fall 2023, Bitcoin will likely be traded around $35,078.10 on average. Crypto experts predict that in September 2024, the price of BTC could range between $33,158.52 and $36,997.67.

BTC Price Forecast for October 2024

Market experts predict that in October 2024, Bitcoin won’t go lower than $32,831.86. They expect it to reach a high of $36,603.81, with an average trading value of around $34,717.84.

November 2024: Bitcoin Price Forecast

Cryptocurrency experts have carefully analyzed the range of BTC prices throughout 2023. For November 2024, their forecast is the following: the maximum trading value of Bitcoin will be around $$35,514.81, with a possibility of dropping to a minimum of $$33,531.80. In November 2024, the average cost will be $$34,523.31.

BTC Price Forecast for December 2024

Experts think Bitcoin won’t drop below $32,372.77 by December 2024. There’s a possibility it might reach as high as $36,707.10 in that month. On average, it’s expected to trade around $34,539.94.

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2025

After the analysis of the prices of Bitcoin in previous years, it is assumed that in 2025, the minimum price of Bitcoin will be around $$82,956.83. The maximum expected BTC price may be around $$102,130.47. On average, the trading price might be $$85,400.90 in 2025.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2025$36,588.11$51,103.91$45,341.38
February 2025$40,803.45$54,221.82$50,504.57
March 2025$45,018.79$57,339.73$55,667.16
April 2025$49,234.37$60,457.78$60,829.75
May 2025$53,449.46$63,575.54$65,992.34
June 2025$57,664.80$66,693.45$71,154.93
July 2025$61,880.14$69,811.36$76,317.52
August 2025$66,095.48$72,929.27$81,480.11
September 2025$70,310.82$76,047.18$86,642.69
October 2025$74,526.15$79,165.08$91,805.29
November 2025$78,741.59$82,282.99$96,967.88
December 2025$82,956.83$85,400.48$102,130.47

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2026

Based on the technical analysis by cryptocurrency experts regarding the prices of Bitcoin, in 2026, BTC is expected to have the following minimum and maximum prices: about $$118,276.60 and $$144,416.06, respectively. The average expected trading cost is $$121,692.63.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2026$85,900.14$88,425.21$105,654.27
February 2026$88,843.46$91,449.62$109,178.07
March 2026$91,786.77$94,473.83$112,701.87
April 2026$94,730.09$97,498.14$116,225.76
May 2026$97,673.56$100,522.45$119,749.47
June 2026$100,616.72$103,546.77$123,273.27
July 2026$103,560.03$106,571.08$126,797.06
August 2026$106,503.34$109,595.39$130,320.86
September 2026$109,446.66$112,619.80$133,844.66
October 2026$112,389.97$115,644.01$137,368.46
November 2026$115,333.29$118,668.32$140,892.26
December 2026$118,276.70$121,692.63$144,416.16

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2027

Cryptocurrency experts looked at Bitcoin prices over the past few years. They think that in 2027, Bitcoin could hit a low of $174,189.11 and a high of $206,065.02. On average, it’s expected to trade around $180,273.74.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2027$122,935.98$126,574.58$149,553.47
February 2027$127,595.35$131,456.15$154,690.89
March 2027$132,254.73$136,337.91$159,828.30
April 2027$136,914.20$141,219.67$164,965.71
May 2027$141,573.48$146,101.43$170,103.13
June 2027$146,232.$150,983.29$175,240.54
July 2027$150,892.23$155,864.94$180,377.95
August 2027$155,551.61$160,746.70$185,515.37
September 2027$160,210.98$165,628.46$190,652.78
October 2027$164,870.36$170,510.22$195,790.19
November 2027$169,529.86$175,391.98$200,927.74
December 2027$174,189.11$180,273.84$206,065.02

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2028

Crypto experts predict that Bitcoin will reach between $255,448.51 and $308,025.45 in 2028. On average, it’s expected to trade around $264,462.20.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2028$180,960.73$187,289.45$214,561.94
February 2028$187,732.34$194,305.15$223,058.43
March 2028$194,503.87$201,320.86$231,555.13
April 2028$201,275.58$208,336.56$240,051.83
May 2028$208,047.19$215,352.32$248,548.60
June 2028$214,818.81$222,367.97$257,045.24
July 2028$221,620.43$229,383.68$265,541.94
August 2028$228,362.04$236,399.38$274,038.64
September 2028$235,133.66$243,415.09$282,535.34
October 2028$241,905.28$250,430.79$291,032.12
November 2028$248,676.89$257,446.50$299,528.75
December 2028$255,448.51$264,462.20$308,025.45

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2029

Cryptocurrency experts are always studying how Bitcoin’s value goes up and down. They think the average price of BTC will be about $388,003.53 in 2029. It could go as low as $377,425.04, but it might also go as high as $451,353.02.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2029$265,634.22$274,757.31$319,969.41
February 2029$275,777.93$285,052.42$331,913.38
March 2029$285,942.64$295,347.53$343,857.34
April 2029$296,107.35$305,642.64$355,801.31
May 2029$306,272.06$315,937.75$367,745.27
June 2029$316,436.78$326,232.87$379,629.24
July 2029$326,601.49$336,527.98$391,633.20
August 2029$336,766.20$346,823.09$403,577.16
September 2029$3496,930.98$357,118.20$415,521.13
October 2029$357,095.62$367,413.31$427,465.09
November 2029$367,260.33$377,708.64$439,489.06
December 2029$377,425.04$388,003.53$451,353.02

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2030

Every year, people who know a lot about cryptocurrency guess how much Bitcoin will cost. They think that in 2030, Bitcoin will be sold for somewhere between $$542,788.80 and $$653,779.78. On average, they expect it to be about $$558,308.93 for the whole year.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2030$391,205.35$402,195.65$465,221.92
February 2030$404,985.67$416,387.76$485,090.81
March 2030$418,765.98$430,579.82$501,959.71
April 2030$432,546.29$444,772$518,828.61
May 2030$446,326.61$458,964.11$535,697.50
June 2030$460,106.92$473,156.23$552,566.40
July 2030$473,887.23$487,348.35$569,435.30
August 2030$487,667.55$501,540.46$586,304.19
September 2030$501,447.86$515,732.58$603,173.09
October 2030$515,228.17$529,924.70$620,041.99
November 2030$529,008.49$544,116.81$636,910.88
December 2030$542,788.80$558,308.93$653,779.78

Bitcoin Price Prediction 2040

Based on the analysis, Bitcoin’s lowest price in 2040 is predicted to be around $2,485,702.30, while its highest could reach $2,855,198.59. On average, Bitcoin is expected to trade at approximately $2,653,655.16.

MonthMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price
January 2040$1,704,323.59$1,760,705.80$2,041,408.40
February 2040$1,775,358.02$1,841,883.01$2,115,389.32
March 2040$1,846,392.40$1,953,060.23$2,189,370.25
April 2040$1,917,426.87$2,004,237.44$2,263,351.18
May 2040$1,988,461.30$2,185,414.66$2,337,332.10
June 2040$2,059,495.64$2,166,591.87$2,411,313.03
July 2040$2,230,530.16$2,247,769.09$2,485,293.96
August 2040$2,201,564.59$2,328,946.30$2,559,274.88
September 2040$2,272,599.02$2,410,123.52$2,633,255.81
October 2040$2,343,643.44$2,491,300.73$2,707,236.74
November 2040$2,414,667.87$2,572,477.95$2,781,217.66
December 2040$2,485,702.30$2,653,655.16$2,855,198.60

What Affects the Value of Bitcoin?

Many things can change the price of Bitcoin. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, its price isn’t mainly influenced by what happens in the rest of the crypto market. Instead, Bitcoin often sets the trend. But it’s still affected by general factors that impact all markets, like interest rate changes or major news in the crypto world, especially if it involves the industry overall or big coins like Ethereum or Shiba Inu.

Changes in Bitcoin’s price can be influenced by news outside of the cryptocurrency world. For instance, its value was impacted during the spring of 2020 by events unrelated to crypto. This is why following stock forecasts is important to grasp Bitcoin’s current value better. Additionally, people investing in or considering investing in Bitcoin should pay attention to environmental news.

Bitcoin, like anything else you can invest in, is influenced by news about it, like news about Bitcoin, cryptocurrency exchanges, or blockchain technology. When there’s good news about more people using it or new technology, the price of cryptocurrencies generally goes up. But if there’s uncertainty, the value of Bitcoin can drop a lot.

Will Bitcoin Go Back Up?

Many people in the cryptocurrency world are curious about where the price of Bitcoin is headed, which can be influenced by big economic trends and important events.

For example, if the US Federal Reserve lowers interest rates as expected, it might make things easier for Bitcoin,, and more people might start using it. Also, if the US government makes clearer rules about investing in cryptocurrencies, it could make investors feel more confident. Since Bitcoin is already seen as a regulated commodity in the US, big companies might start using it more, which could bring in new investors.

Even though good things are happening in the crypto market, people are questioning if it can last for a long time. More crypto products and services are being made available, but experts are unsure about it because of strict rules worldwide and people’s worries about new technology, which might be because they don’t understand it or are afraid of it.

Given these factors, we’re still wondering: Can Bitcoin bounce back to its old peak prices? Its ability to bounce back in the past shows it might. But we agree with experts who think Bitcoin’s price is about to go up soon. Now, let’s see what price targets Bitcoin is expected to reach soon.

Bitcoin Price Predictions by Experts

The Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) getting approved is a big step in making Bitcoin investments more common. This could mean more people, especially big organizations, might start investing in Bitcoin. Even though Bitcoin’s price dropped below $45,000 after approval, most investors still feel positive about it, suggesting they expect the price to go up in the future.

Anthony Scaramucci from SkyBridge Capital thinks Bitcoin will reach $100,000 within a year. He compares this to when the spot gold ETF was approved in 2004. Technopedia predicts that in 2024, Bitcoin will reach a peak of $98,000. They also say it might start around $21,500 but average around $65,000, showing it could go up in value.

MicroStrategy’s Michael Saylor anticipates a “supply shock” from the Bitcoin halving, reducing miner-available BTC, which could fuel bullish price action. Tim Draper of Draper Associates speculates about a rise to $250,000 by July. Figures like Marshall Beard of Gemini and Paolo Ardoino of Tether expect a retest of the $69,000 high.

Tom Lee from Fundstrat Global Advisors predicts that Bitcoin could go up to $150,000 soon, and in the long run, it might reach $500,000. He thinks this is influenced by how monetary policy and market conditions are changing. Cathie Wood from Ark Invest has even bigger expectations. She believes Bitcoin could reach $600,000 in her most likely scenario, and in a more optimistic scenario, it could hit $1.5 million by 2030. This shows she has a lot of confidence in Bitcoin’s potential for significant growth.

These optimistic forecasts are based on the fact that Bitcoin has a limited supply and isn’t influenced by outside economic conditions. Its increasing popularity and improvements in technology, even with changing regulations, make it more attractive for investment.

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment?

Bitcoin is expected to continue going up in value, whether it’s going down or up. This makes it potentially a good investment. But, before you invest in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, make sure to do your own research and think about the risks carefully.

Our prediction for the price of Bitcoin is cautious and doesn’t consider sudden media attention or unforeseen regulations that might happen soon because these things are too hard to predict. But if you’re thinking about investing in Bitcoin, you should be prepared for its price to go up and down a lot.

Bitcoin is less risky than other cryptocurrencies, but it is still fairly unstable and unpredictable in comparison to traditional investment avenues like the stock market.

Bitcoin vs Fiat Currencies

Fiat currencies like the US dollar are generally safer investments compared to cryptocurrencies. But they still have risks associated with them.

Big investors are starting to trust Bitcoin and other digital money, but they’re not as important as regular money like euros or dollars, at least for now.

Bitcoin is a riskier but potentially more rewarding investment compared to regular money and other types of assets, especially if you think it will become more valuable in the future.

Disclaimer: The information on this website isn’t meant to be taken as advice for investing money. Investing involves uncertainty, and there’s a chance you could lose your money when you invest.

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