Prediction: Ethereum will Rise to $10,000 by 2030

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Prediction Ethereum will Rise to $10,000 by 2030

Main ideas

For Ethereum to reach $10,000, it must stay ahead in important blockchain areas.

If a new Ethereum investment fund is approved, it could help Ethereum’s price stay up.

Ethereum is still in competition with other cryptocurrencies like Solana.

To make Ethereum almost 5 times more valuable by 2030.

In 2024, Bitcoin has been getting a lot of attention from people who invest in cryptocurrency. This is mainly because of the excitement about the new Bitcoin ETFs. But don’t forget about Ethereum. It’s starting to show signs of breaking out of a slow market and going up past the $2,000 price.

To reach $10,000 in the future, Ethereum would need to increase about five times its current value in a short time. However, there are good reasons why this could be more probable than you expect. Let’s examine this closely.

Ethereum market dominance

Talking about new cryptocurrencies like Solana challenging Ethereum might be popular, but the truth is Ethereum is still the leader in almost every important area of blockchain-based smart contracts.

For instance, let’s talk about decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi strength is measured by a key metric called Total Value Locked (TVL). Ethereum is way ahead in this metric, with 56% of all TVL in the blockchain world. In contrast, Solana has less than 3% market share.

Hopefully, Ethereum will stay on top of the market for the next five years. If it does, it will be a leader in all the important blockchain trends. Some trends might not do well, like what happened with non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and metaverse tokens. But others could become very popular and bring a lot of value.

Spot ETF approval on the way

Some upcoming events might cause Ethereum’s price to keep going up. One big event is the possibility of introducing a spot ETF product for Ethereum.

These new investment funds for Ethereum are expected to make people excited about Ethereum, just like the new funds for Bitcoin did. When the Bitcoin funds began trading, the price of Ethereum quickly went up because people thought the same thing could happen to Ethereum. The government might approve a type of investment fund for Ethereum called a spot ETF as soon as May. If everything goes well with the new Bitcoin funds, it seems probable that the Ethereum fund will also get approval.

The main question is how Ethereum’s price might change with this approval. People think big investors will put some of their money, maybe 1%, into cryptocurrencies. Most of it might go to Bitcoin. But some might also go to Ethereum, slowly raising its price.

How likely is a $10,000 price prediction?

In 2030, some people predict Ethereum could reach $10,000, which might seem surprising but is a cautious estimate compared to others. In the crypto world, some experts even expect it to go beyond $50,000. The future price largely depends on how quickly Ethereum develops over the next five years.

In 2022, Cathie Wood from Ark Invest said Ethereum could be worth $20 trillion by 2030. With 120 million coins out there, each might be around $170,000! Wood also thinks Ethereum might do better than Bitcoin and become more valuable than Bitcoin in the future.

Sure! People thought Ethereum could reach $170,000 in the next few years because of all the excitement about The Merge, where Ethereum changed its blockchain a lot to get ready for more growth. It shows how optimistic some investors are about Ethereum’s future.

What should come next?

In my view, for Ethereum to reach $10,000 by 2030, a couple of things must happen. Firstly, the spot Ethereum ETFs need approval, which would make Ethereum more appealing to regular and big investors. Additionally, it’d be beneficial if Ethereum keeps improving its blockchain to make it faster, cheaper, and more efficient for everyone.

The main issue is what to do about the Ethereum competitors. They seem to be growing faster than Ethereum and sometimes coming up with new ideas quicker than Ethereum. Even Cathie Wood has recognized this.

It’s not easy for Ethereum to reach $10,000. It would take many years of big price increases, which might not be realistic. But if the crypto industry keeps growing and Ethereum stays important, it could happen.

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