Top 5 Cryptocurrencies: That Could Reach New Highs This Month

By Gaurav Kudekar

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Top 5 Cryptocurrencies: After a tough time for cryptocurrencies in 2022 and 2023, it seems like they’re starting to do better in early 2024. Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies have gone up in price again, showing things might be getting better after a long period of low prices.

With people feeling good about the market again and more people willing to buy, March might be a big month if these five cryptocurrencies can reach higher prices than ever before.

Ethereum Eyes: $5,000+

Ethereum, the second-biggest cryptocurrency, almost reached its highest price of $4,891 twice since November 2021 but couldn’t make it. It’s now about 22% below that peak. There’s hope it might surpass $5,000 soon because people are excited about the upcoming ETH ETF and improvements to Ethereum.

Shiba Inu Eyes: $0.0001

In late 2021, Shiba Inu became super popular in the world of cryptocurrency when its value soared by over 75,000,000% in just one year, reaching a record of $0.000088. Since then, it has lost more than half of its value. But now, with a recent increase in its price and people feeling optimistic about meme coins again, there’s a chance that SHIB could surpass its previous highest value and drop another zero.

Dogecoin Needs Elon Musk’s Magic

Dogecoin, a type of digital money made popular by internet jokes, hit its highest value of $0.73 in early 2021, mostly because Tesla CEO Elon Musk kept talking about it. Since then, its price has dropped by 77%. If Musk gets involved with something called X and if Dogecoin becomes usable for payments on that thing, its value might skyrocket again.

Polygon Pursues $3

With its strong foundation and partnerships with big companies, Polygon (MATIC) seems like it could break its previous highest value of $2.92. Polygon is growing quickly as it helps Ethereum handle more transactions. As more people use the network, MATIC might go up past $3.

Theta Network Seeks $16

Theta Network runs a cutting-edge streaming and computing network that uses AI technology. It’s used for things like esports and entertainment. If Theta’s price goes back above $3, it would need to increase five times to reach its previous high.

But as NFT video streaming becomes more popular and Theta introduces important updates like TNT-20 tokens, reaching new record highs seems quite possible. Plus, with the trend of AI cryptocurrencies gaining traction, THETA could reach even higher levels.

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