PI Coin Price Prediction 2024, 2026, 2030

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PI Coin Price Prediction 2024, 2026, 2030

PI Coin Price Prediction 2024 – Pi Network started in 2018. Its creators made a blockchain protocol for mining Pi on mobile devices. The network is becoming more popular as it nears a public launch. This article talks about Pi coin price predictions for 2024 and beyond, its current status, and what might happen in the future.

Pi Coin (PI) Details

Project name PI Network
Stock SymbolPI
Asset TypeToken
Network typeBlockchain
Launch date14 March 2019
Official Websitehttps://minepi.com/

What is PI Network?

The Pi Network is a new digital currency project that aims to be fairer and more accessible than other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. A team of Stanford graduates runs it and relies on mobile technology.

The project lets people mine cryptocurrency on their phones without draining the battery. Because of this, many people are guessing how much Pi coin could be worth in the future. But since we don’t have all the details, it’s hard to predict the value of the Pi coin.

The main goal of the Pi network, based on its whitepaper, is to fulfill the original idea behind cryptocurrencies created by Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin. The aim is to give people back control over their finances, which is the main motivation driving the project.

The Pi network wants to make a platform for smart contracts that’s safe and easy for users to use. They’ll use the Pi utility token to make a marketplace where everyone can participate equally.

The project started on March 14, 2019, and has been growing since. Pi Network seems to have done something unusual for cryptocurrency projects: grabbed the attention of regular people. About 35 million people are using the Pi wallet, even though you can’t trade the Pi Coin yet.

How Does PI Network Work?

The Pi Network’s website says they aim to create a global online community using Pi, a widely used cryptocurrency. They also recognize the challenges and dangers of mining and investing in cryptocurrencies.

The project has many different parts, like Pi Chats, Fireside Forum, and Brainstorm app. These parts help build a Web3 community and let people work together.

In the Pi Network, people do different things:

  • Pioneers are regular users of the mobile app who mine Pi.
  • Users can become Contributors by doing certain things, which helps them mine Pi faster.
  • Ambassadors get more Pi for mining by inviting friends to join.
  • Nodes are users who run computer nodes. They help keep the network stable and get rewards for it.

Mining Pi Coins is done in a way that doesn’t use up a lot of energy or drain your phone’s battery. The network keeps everything safe using a trust-based system, which is part of the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP).

The Pi Network makes cryptocurrency easy to use for everyone, aiming for a fair and inclusive digital space. They say their referral program is not like multi-level marketing because it doesn’t use regular money and only has one level of referrals, which is fair for everyone involved.

Pi’s usefulness relies on the time, attention, goods, and services provided by network members. The goal for Pi Network in the future is to make a marketplace where Pi can be used to buy things directly from others, making cryptocurrency more useful in everyday life.

Is Pi Mainnet Launched?

No, the Pi Network’s main network isn’t completely open to everyone yet. Right now, they’re making progress in a phase called Enclosed Mainnet, which is important before they fully open it up. They’ve announced that the main network is expected to be fully open between March and June 2024.

Many developers are interested in the Pi network because it can be used to create decentralized apps (dApps). These developers have joined hackathons hosted by the Pi Core Team to show how the Pi ecosystem is getting bigger.

After the Pi coin officially starts being used, it will be the main way people trade on the Pi blockchain. People will use it for things like sending money, buying NFTs, and paying for stuff. Also, it’s supposed to be used in games where you can earn rewards while playing.

Is Pi Coin Worth Anything?

How much is the Pi cryptocurrency worth? In early 2024, the Pi coin doesn’t have a listed value and is essentially worth very little. It hasn’t been officially listed on any cryptocurrency exchange, so there’s no historical data on its performance. Any prices you find online or in this article are just estimates and might not be valid for trading between different exchanges.

The Pi Network hasn’t told us how many coins will be out there when it’s fully running. Right now, they say there are 68 million Pi coins in circulation. They haven’t decided on the maximum amount yet.

Pi Coin Price History

The newest information shows that Pi’s price is $31.31, and it’s ranked as the 2853rd cryptocurrency. There are no Pi coins in circulation, so its market cap is also zero.

On the last day, the crypto went up by $0.02.

Over the past week, PI has been consistently going up, increasing by 0.32%. PI has been doing well lately, so now might be a good time to consider investing.

In the past month, the price of PI went up by 6.26%, which added about $1.96 to its value. This big increase suggests that if it keeps going up, PI could be a good investment.

Pi cryptocurrency isn’t traded on exchanges yet, which makes it hard to predict its price. What does this mean for guessing Pi coin’s price in 2024 and beyond?

Because we can’t foresee what will happen with this cryptocurrency in the future, experts are cautious when they try to guess its price. The Pi coin doesn’t have a past price record for us to study, and we don’t know how it reacts to changes in the cryptocurrency market or Bitcoin’s price. Also, there isn’t a maximum value or a record high that we can use to help predict its price.

So, what’s left? Well, in situations like this, most experts have to rely on guessing. We can’t even fully analyze the basics. To figure out how much something is really worth, you have to think about its potential uses, how many people have it, what it might do in the future, who’s working on it, and more. Some of these things matter more for certain things than others. In the case of Pi, we can’t know for sure how many people will have the coin when it starts being used.

Here’s what some people who know a lot about cryptocurrencies think about how much Pi tokens might be worth.


Capital is looking into whether the Pi network’s mainnet, which might come out later, will work well. They’re neither positive nor negative about it. They tell people to be careful when putting their money or time into cryptocurrencies like this one, which isn’t even available for trading yet.

They don’t guess the price of Pi coins and say it’ll depend on how many people want to invest in it, which is hard to predict.


CoinDCX’s prediction for the price of PI coin is not very optimistic. They think it might reach $500 at its highest point, but they also mention that it’s been struggling to bounce back from a period of low prices. However, they believe it could go up over time if it launches smoothly and gets support from the crypto community.

Digital Coin Price

DigitalCoinPrice is a trustworthy website that predicts the price of Pi coin. They believe Pi coin will be worth $60 by the end of 2024 and $200 by 2030.

Other Crypto Experts

Because Pi hasn’t been officially listed yet, prediction services like TradingView don’t forecast its price. However, Wallet Investor is optimistic about Pi’s future, suggesting it’s a good long-term investment and could reach over $100 in five years.

CoinMarketCap shows Pi’s current value as $29 as of January 2024, but they caution traders about the project’s questionable reputation.

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Pi Coin Price Prediction 2024, 2026, 2030

Many people are guessing about how much the Pi coin will be worth in the future, but nobody knows for sure. We just have to wait and see what happens over time. Right now, millions of users and miners are protecting the beta version of the protocol. It’s all set up and ready to go when the network officially launches.

When the Pi Network releases its main network for everyone to use, we believe Pi Coin will become valuable. If this happens, the Pi project will bring some new improvements.

Cryptocurrency trading platforms might soon start offering the Pi Network. If they do, the value of Pi will likely increase from its starting price of $0.

When new and popular projects are added to cryptocurrency exchanges, their prices often go up in the first few weeks. This happens because lots of people want to buy them, which makes the overall value of the project go up. So, the value of the Pi coin might go up in the future because of this.

But in these situations, the price usually doesn’t stay high for long. This is because people begin selling their coins to make fast cash, usually a few days after the initial excitement fades. The Pi Network might face a similar outcome, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In our analysis of Pi’s price prediction, we examined both its good and bad points, as well as the past prices of similar cryptocurrencies. We also thought about what might occur in the crypto market ahead and how Pi could fit into it in the future.

Just remember, we’re only guessing here. Our prediction about the Pi network’s price is based on thinking that the cryptocurrency will start a public main network sometime this year.

PI Coin Price Prediction 2024

Pi Network is expected to launch its mainnet in 2024. If it does, we’ll know its true value, which experts think could be less than $1.

We think Pi’s price will go up after it’s listed because it might follow the same pattern as other cryptocurrencies. At the start of 2024, many cryptocurrencies did well, bouncing back from earlier losses and increasing in value. The pi coin could also go up in price if the market does well, so in 2024, it might reach its highest price ever.

Furthermore, the excitement surrounding cryptocurrency can really help Pi cryptocurrency. It’s easy for beginners to use and you can mine it for free. Plus, it’s linked to the number Pi, meaning if there’s a lot of excitement in March 2024, the team can advertise effectively on Pi Day.

Another important point to consider for future predictions about Pi coin’s price is that it could be very profitable for businesses to invest in and start using. For instance, it meets the requirements Elon Musk has specified for a cryptocurrency that could be used as a form of payment for Tesla.

PI Coin Price Prediction 2025

In 2025, we expect the price of Pi cryptocurrency to go up if it launches its mainnet officially. When there’s excitement in the crypto community, it usually helps Pi’s price go higher.

However, if the market goes down (which happens from time to time), Pi might not make huge profits, but it could still be a worthwhile investment. If you get Pi for free, any increase in its price will make you money.

PI Coin Price Prediction 2026

How much will Pi cryptocurrency be valued in 2026? If things happen as expected, it will probably stay around the same price for some time, like many other alternative cryptocurrencies. Pi’s value will only go up when the overall market is doing well or when the community or developers actively increase its value.

Sure! If Pi catches the attention of well-known influencers or a large company, its price could go up, possibly exceeding $5. But even if that happens, with the current estimated supply of 68 million Pi, which will grow over time, its total value (market cap) would be around $340 million. However, this still wouldn’t make Pi one of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, at least for now.

PI Coin Price Prediction 2027

In 2027, we predict that the price of the Pi coin will reach new highs. We believe that as time passes, more people will become interested in this project, causing its price to increase.

The Pi network focusing on mobile devices will help it in the future because more people are using tablets and smartphones instead of PCs. While it’s hard to predict the exact price of the Pi coin or its future, it has the potential to become a top digital currency.

PI Coin Price Prediction 2030

What will happen to the Pi network in six years? We can’t know for sure yet. If everything goes smoothly and the coin is listed as intended, and if it withstands any downturns after its previous surges, then it might survive until 2030 and even surpass its previous peak price before its main launch.

Is Pi Network Legit?

Pi Network has lots of users and people are interested in it. People want to know: When will Pi Network start? Are Pi coins real or fake? And is Pi Network valuable? These are some of the biggest questions in the cryptocurrency world right now.

The main worry is that only those who get a referral code from someone else can join the Pi Network.

Some people doubt the project because the creators say these personal networks make Pi Network more secure and urge users to invite others. They’re concerned it might be a type of scheme similar to multi-level marketing (MLM) or a pyramid scheme. However, it’s important to know that users can only earn coins from their own networks, not from the networks of the people they invite, like in MLM.

The main reasons people are unsure about the project are the delays in launching it fully and the unclear goals set in its plan. The developers said in March 2022 that they’re taking more time to make sure everything is ready, and they’re calling this phase the “Enclosed Mainnet period.”

They want to verify user identities, make adjustments to the mainnet, and add more apps. They say this phrase fits with their idea of how the project should develop. Now, in 2024, they’re saying the full launch will happen in spring or early summer, but we’ll have to wait and see if it happens.

Nowadays, it’s tough to be noticed in the crypto world because new projects pop up all the time, some even every day, each trying to be more creative than the last. But Pi Network stands out because it already has a lot of users, a clear reason for existing, and a strong foundation.

Does Pi Network Have a Future?

People are still unsure about what Pi Network is really about. Some people think it might be a real project, while others think it could be a scam. If it turns out to be a scam, it’s different from a regular scam where people invest money. Here, they’re investing their time using their smartphones.

The organization is being criticized for supposedly mistreating its community by using 35 million people to sell ads to. They shared this number in a tweet on May 19, 2022. There haven’t been any new updates about the total number of users since then.

There’s a chance the project will launch, people will get their money, and the cryptocurrency will be worth a lot. Because it’s created by Stanford graduates, a well-known university, it seems trustworthy.

But just like what happened with OneCoin, many frauds, pyramid schemes, and scams are common in the cryptocurrency world. It’s said that up to $19.4 billion might have been lost when OneCoin collapsed, leading to charges against dozens of people.

Final Thoughts

The Pi network is a fascinating project with a lot of potential. It has a strong community, a team of passionate developers, and a solid technical base, which all suggest it could be a successful cryptocurrency.

if you believe the project won’t share your information, it’s okay to mine Pi coins as it doesn’t cost anything. Remember, this isn’t advice on investing. Do your own research and be smart about cryptocurrency trades.

Perhaps Pi Network will be accepted by Tesla and become very popular, making its users a lot of money. We’ll have to wait and see.

Disclaimer: This article doesn’t give financial advice. It’s just the author’s opinion. Don’t think of it as telling you what to do with your money. We can’t promise the information is complete, reliable, or accurate. Cryptocurrency prices can change a lot and sometimes for no clear reason. If you’re thinking about investing, trading, or using crypto, look at different opinions and know the rules in your area first.

What is Pi coin’s highest price?

Currently, we can’t say for sure what the highest price for Pi coin is because it’s not listed on any exchange yet. The highest recorded “price” for the PI token is about $240, but it’s not considered the same as a regular all-time high. The Pi coin team is focused on launching the Pi Network ecosystem and mainnet. Any predictions about Pi’s price will just be guesses until it’s available on the market.

Will Pi coin reach $100?

Estimating if Pi coin will hit $100 involves a lot of guessing. The value of the Pi coin depends a lot on how much people use the Pi app and how the Pi Network ecosystem grows.

Will Pi coin ever hit the market?

The Pi coin team is busy getting ready to bring the Pi token to the market as part of their plan for the future of the Pi Network. Pi network users are really excited about this, and the Pi team says they have a rough idea of when the coin will launch: between March and June 2024.

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