Ethereum may hit $2.8k in February, and new altcoin may also rally

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Ethereum may hit $2.8k in February. In 2021, the company Sky Mavis released Ronin, the technology supporting the well-known game Axie Infinity (AXS).

Ethereum stable, bulls target $2.8k

Ethereum (ETH) is staying steady above $2,274, and according to Rekt Capital, it’s expected to reach $2,800.

Thinking about it, the analyst mentioned that the coin will follow a similar pattern as last month, referring to changes seen in the monthly chart.

Right now, Ethereum’s value has increased, but it’s still 12% lower than its highest point in January. The trading volumes are good, reaching over $9.3 billion.

Jelle and other analysts predict that prices will stay above $3,000, judging by the weekly chart.

At the same time, analyst Michael van de Poppe thinks Ethereum (ETH) will perform better than Bitcoin (BTC) in the coming sessions.

Bitcoin Minetrix raises over $10.3 million in presale

In simpler terms, there’s attention on Bitcoin Minetrix, a project on Ethereum that allows users to easily mine Bitcoin. Users stake BTCMTX to get mining credits, which they can use to get Bitcoin cloud mining power.

Cloud mining protocols need to make sure they are really safe.

According to the Bitcoin Minetrix whitepaper, some cloud mining companies attract investors with good returns but then create problems, ask for more money, or block withdrawals.

Bitcoin Minetrix solves this problem using its decentralized and transparent BTCMTX token. All transactions are verifiable, cannot be changed, and are recorded on Ethereum.

This eliminates the risk of scams in cloud mining, making the platform a safer option than current solutions.

Considering this, Bitcoin Minetrix is at the forefront of cloud mining and is expected to attract many users after it starts.

As a result, the essential use of BTCMTX for staking could lead to a significant demand.

As a result, the early sale of Bitcoin Minetrix is attracting investors and has gathered $10.3 million up to now.

People who buy in the presale can start using their tokens right away.

Right now, staking your tokens gives you a 65% annual return, but this rate will go down as more people join the staking pool.

Disclaimer: The information on this website isn’t meant to be taken as advice for investing money. Investing involves uncertainty, and there’s a chance you could lose your money when you invest.

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