BNB Price Prediction 2024, 2025, and 2030

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BNB Price Prediction 2024: BNB is a well-known digital currency created by the person who started Binance, Changpeng Zhao (also known as CZ). It’s the main token used on the Binance Smart Chain and Binance Beacon Chain networks.

Lately, it’s been in the spotlight for some controversies. Although it’s currently ranked fourth in terms of market value, it’s faced criticism for about a year and a half, especially from regulators who have raised serious concerns. Things escalated in June when the SEC declared BNB and other major tokens as securities.

In this analysis of BNB’s future price, we’ll explore its prospects considering regulatory issues, how useful it is, its token economics, and more.

BNB Price Prediction Summary

BNB is currently selling for $308.30, which is 1.78% lower than it was 24 hours ago. Compared to its highest price ever of $690.93 in 2021, the current price is down by 55.25%. In 2023, BNB’s value fell by 23% because Binance was sued by the SEC. Our prediction for BNB’s price by the end of 2030 is an average of $620. For 2025, we predict an average BNB price of $465.

YearMinimum PriceAverage PriceMaximum Price

BNB Price History

The BNB coin was made in 2017, right after Changpeng Zhao started Binance exchange. Zhao said the sales of BNB coin were the only money he got to help build Binance.

BNB, previously known as Binance Coin, started out as a type of digital currency linked to Ethereum. Later on, it shifted to the Binance Smart Chain. BNB was initially offered through a process called an initial coin offering (ICO), which was quite successful. Now, the Binance Smart Chain hosts many ICOs and is well-liked for creating decentralized apps (dApps) and introducing new tokens.

The initial price of BNB coins during its ICO was about $0.11 each, which could be bought using Ethereum (ETH) or Bitcoin (BTC). After the ICO in June and July 2017, the first recorded price of BNB on CoinMarketCap was $0.1015.

By December 2017, less than six months later, the price had risen to $9. Over the following months, the price of BNB stayed relatively steady, ranging between $10 and $20, until it reached $37 in July 2019. It then returned to its previous range of $10 to $20.

In September 2020, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) started, and a version of BNB called BEP-20 was introduced. BSC was made by taking the basic code of Ethereum and making some adjustments to better fit its purpose.

BSC had cheaper fees and quicker transactions compared to Ethereum, which made it really popular with users and developers. Because of this, the value of BNB skyrocketed to its highest ever price of $690 in May 2021.

After reaching its highest price, the value dropped quickly, then rose to $279, but didn’t stay up for long.

Like other cryptocurrencies, Binance coin started losing value before 2022, dropping to $196. Since then, its price has stabilized. But recently, the SEC sued Binance, saying it sold securities without registering them and didn’t handle customers’ money properly.

This made BNB’s price drop sharply, down 23% in the last month and 65% from its highest price.

BNB price history key points:

At first, BNB started at $0.11 during its ICO. Within six months, it went up to $9. After the BSC launch in September 2020, BNB’s value skyrocketed, reaching its highest ever at $690 in May 2021, as more crypto investors bought it. Now, BNB is at $237.18, down 65% from its highest price.

BNB Price Prediction 2024

Binance stopped trading in the Netherlands because it couldn’t register as a virtual asset provider. This shows they’re trying to follow Dutch rules. Though it might sound bad, Binance plans to cooperate with Dutch regulators, which could help its future prospects.

We’re not sure what will happen with Binance’s case against the SEC and its dealings with other governments around the world. But because Binance is the top crypto exchange and has a lot of money, it’ll probably work things out with regulators.

However, if Binance can’t make a deal, it might have to stop trading in a lot of places. If that happens, the price of BNB will likely drop because BNB is closely linked to the exchange, as we’ll explain soon.

In 2024, whether Binance can cooperate with government regulators will greatly affect the price of BNB. If Binance remains the top cryptocurrency exchange worldwide, BNB could bounce back.

If this happens, our estimate suggests BNB could reach up to $480 by the end of 2024. But if Binance faces trading restrictions in some countries, the minimum price for BNB could be $250, with an average price of around $365 by the end of 2024.

BNB Price Prediction 2025

Amid global attacks on Binance and other cryptocurrency platforms, Blackrock, a top global asset manager, has been buying Microstrategy’s stock MSTR, which has a lot of exposure to Bitcoin.

Blackrock has also applied to create the first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This shows that big investors still believe in cryptocurrency and could mean the market will recover in the future.

Even though there’s a risk that BNB coin might struggle because of regulations, Binance’s size and influence, along with ongoing interest from big investors, suggest that BNB could do well in 2025.

First, BNB is what runs the Binance Smart Chain network. This means that when people do things like buy or sell on BSC, they need to have some BNB for paying the fees. Also, because BSC works on a Proof-of-Stake system, people who validate transactions need to have BNB to put up as a stake in order to earn rewards for making blocks.

Secondly, having BNB gives users of the Binance exchange some extra perks. For instance, if you hold onto Binance tokens and put them in the Binance Launchpad, you can get some free tokens when new projects launch. Additionally, if you trade pairs of coins with BNB on the Binance exchange, you can get discounts on the fees for trading.

The biggest problem with BNB is that it’s controlled by a few people or entities. Unlike other systems like Ethereum, which has many validators, BNB only allows 21 validators. This makes BNB faster and cheaper, but more centralized.

Almost half of all BNB is owned by the top 10 holders, which is more than Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Based on our analysis, we predict that Binance’s value could go as high as $600 and as low as $330 by the end of 2025, averaging at around $465.

BNB Price Prediction 2030

Even though the EU is making rules for cryptocurrency trading, there’s still a lot of confusion about what’s allowed. This makes it hard to guess what prices will be like in the future, especially for BNB, which depends a lot on Binance, a specific exchange.

But if Binance can work things out with regulators, BNB might end up being a good investment for the long haul. This is because Binance is where many regular people start using cryptocurrency.

Many people start investing in cryptocurrencies on platforms like Binance before they make their own digital wallets and start trading without a custodian.

This is why BNB, the cryptocurrency of Binance, is likely to become popular since it’s where most beginners buy cryptocurrencies. Plus, Binance Smart Chain (BSC) charges lower fees compared to Ethereum, making it easier for new users to start trading.

Binance has a learning platform called Binance Academy to teach people about cryptocurrency. There are 1.9 million people who own BNB, but Binance has over 30 million users worldwide.

As more people start investing in crypto and Binance users get used to using blockchain, the number of BNB owners could go up a lot, which might make the price of BNB go up.

Our prediction says the highest Binance coin price could reach $790 by 2030. On average, it might be around $620, but could go as low as $450.

BNB might go even higher, but because it’s controlled by one entity, there are risks like problems with rules, censorship, and people not liking it. So, even if it goes higher than $790, we think it’ll stay in the range we mentioned.

BNB Price Prediction 2024, 2025, and 2030

Potential Lows and Highs of BNB

BNB has a lot of promise as a coin, but it’s being held back by centralization and government regulations. Here are our predictions for the highest and lowest points for BNB between 2024 and 2030.

YearMinimum PriceMaximum Price

What is BNB and What is it Used For?

The coin is used for paying fees and keeping the Binance Smart Chain secure. This makes the BNB coin useful. If more people want to use BSC, the price of BNB should go up. However, some people worry that BSC is too centralized because it only has 21 validators.

If you read about how Ethereum works, you’ll understand more about this. But with BSC, only the top 21 entities who stake the most BNB can be validators.

BNB is a special token for Binance Smart Chain. It started in 2017 and gives people perks on Binance CEX, like discounts on fees and the chance to earn free cryptocurrency by staking.

BNB Price Overview

Ticker SymbolBNB
Price Change 24H0.96%
Market Cap$47,012,689,972
Circulating Supply151,681,919 BNB
Trading Volume 24H$1,092,082,597
All Time High$690.95
All Time Low$0.09612

What Influences the Price of BNB?

BNB has stayed strong in value compared to other cryptocurrencies during the good times, despite recent worries.

It’s dropped by more than 60% from its highest value, but other cryptocurrencies like Cardano have dropped even more, around 90%. This makes us wonder why BNB’s value hasn’t dropped as much, and whether it will stay that way.

Firstly, as mentioned before, staking and people wanting to use the BSC network play a big role in the price of BNB. However, the total value locked (TVL) in BSC has fallen from over $20 billion in 2021 to less than $4 billion during the bear market.

This is an 85% decrease in TVL, and at the same time, the number of people using Binance has also decreased a lot.

According to a recent article on Yahoo Finance, Binance has been keeping a lot of BNB out of the market and giving benefits to holders to make people want it more, which has helped raise its price. Basically, this means Binance might have been the main reason for lowering the amount of BNB available and increasing how much people want it.

In simple terms, this increases the chance that BNB becomes too centralized, which might be a problem for Binance according to the SEC.

Another thing that affects the price of BNB is how the overall market is doing. If BNB can sort things out with regulators, then if the crypto market goes up again, it could help BNB’s price go up too.

Is BNB a Buy?

BNB has special benefits like being easy to use and having low fees, but it’s more controlled by one central authority. This has helped its value go up, but there might be trouble ahead because governments are getting stricter about cryptocurrencies.

What happens next for BNB depends a lot on whether Binance can deal with these government rules.


Our prediction for the price of BNB suggests that it could go up in the long run, but there’s a big chance it might suddenly drop because of rules and too much control. Binance has managed to keep BNB’s price stable until now, but that might change soon with more uncertainty expected. Considering this, we made a list of our favorite cryptocurrencies to buy. Click the button below to see it.

Disclaimer: The information on this website isn’t meant to be taken as advice for investing money. Investing involves uncertainty, and there’s a chance you could lose your money when you invest.

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